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Snowdon 2016

Khalsa Aid is proud to present our 6th Hike to Snowdon. This will be on SATURDAY 2nd OF JULY. Starting at 8.30am, from the Llanberis Path next to the railway station.

Over 500 supporters took part last year, from the experienced trekkers to those who have never hiked before. EVERYONE had a fantastic time.

This will be a sponsored hike with a minimum sponsorship of £100.

Click here for more information.

Langar in Iraq

Khalsa Aid has been supporting Yezidi and Assyrian refugees in Iraq since 2014. In January 2016 we initiated a food & water project for 200 Yezidi Refugees in Northern Iraq.

The food (Langar) provided by Khalsa Aid is the only hope for these families who are living in isolated locations. This is exactly where Langar (free food) is needed.

Please donate

Khalsa Aid Middle East Projects

Khalsa Aid has delivered food, blankets, clothes and water to over 150 Yezidi refugee families. Many of these families have had their family members kidnapped by ISIS. We are planning a joint long term project with Khalsa Aid to assist the Yezidi refugees. Falah Murad Khan,
Shakarm WADI,
Iraq Project Coordinator

Khalsa Aid has come in as a lifeline by partnering with Mona Relief to distribute critical food aid which has provided over 250,000 meals in a war zone. Dr Riaz S Karim,
Co Founder,
Mona Relief,

Khalsa Aid has helped us with food, school furniture, school books, firewood and many other items for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon since 2014. Thank you Khalsa Aid.
Rouba Mhaissen, Director,
SAWA For Aid and Development,

UK Floods Update

BBC Broadcast

Our relief efforts to support victims of flooding across Northern England continues and will do so as we enter 2016. Khalsa Aid will continue to support with:

  • Flood defences (sandbags etc.)
  • Volunteers to support clear-up operations
  • Hot vegetarian meals to all those who need them

As we enter 2016 we must keep those suffering in the UK floods in our prayers. The world can only become a better place if we all look towards becoming humanitarians. A huge thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and supporters who make all our work possible. Ravi Singh, CEO, Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid have recently been featured in the UK press for our relief efforts:

UK Floods

Khalsa Aid volunteers have been actively supporting the floods relief in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire.

We have provided 4000 sandbags, 1000s hot meals, substantial amount of cleaning items and considerable manpower for the clear up operation.

Our work continues...

Khalsa Aid in Yemen

As the war rages on in Yemen, the public continue to face severe food shortages.

Khalsa Aid is working closely with local grassroots organisations in Yemen to distribute food. Each food parcel contains: 25Kgs of Wheat, 5Kgs of Rice, 5Kgs of Sugar and 2 Ltrs of cooking oil per family.

Thank you for supporting Khalsa Aid.

Haiti Update

5 volunteers from UK and Canada travelled to Haiti to deliver food & water supplies to orphanages that Khalsa Aid has been supporting since the 2010 earthquake.

During the relief trip the Khalsa Aid team were approached by an orphanage which did not have access to clean drinking water for over a year. The team commissioned local contractors to build a new water pump which now provides clean water to over 35 children.

During the relief trip 3 months of food & water supplies were delivered to 8 orphanages, supporting 600 children.

Nepal Update

Khalsa Aid has been on the ground supporting victims of the Nepal earthquake since the 25th of April.

Relief efforts were immediately coordinated with international NGOs, the military and local communities to ensure humanitarian aid is provided effectively.

Khalsa Aid is currently working within the international nutrition cluster to ensure a coordinated and effective approach in disaster response management.

Currently Khalsa Aid is providing the following:

  • ​The only organisation in Kathmandu providing free hot meals to victims of the Nepal earthquake. We are working alongside the Nepalese and French army to provide up to 16,000 meals a day.
  • Construction of temporary shelter for over 250 families.
  • Provision of 10 tonnes of vital supplies for the victims of the earthquake.
  • Installation of clean water tanks.
  • Coordination of medical camps.
  • Assistance with rubble clearance.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated, our supporters, the KA emergency response team and local organisations who have come together to support the people of Nepal..

Second Nepal Earthquake

On Tuesday 12th of May a second 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal triggering landslides and further damage and destruction of buildings weakened by an even larger earthquake on April 25 that killed more than 8,000 people and destroyed nearly 500,000 homes.

Khalsa Aid relief teams were on the ground providing aid when the second earthquake hit;

'The ground was like a wave when the second earthquake hit, it was so difficult to run because it was shaking so much. The streets stopped and people were are fleeing to nearby open spaces' Bal Sandhu, General Secretary, Khalsa Aid

The team comforted and provided water to those distressed and seeking shelter at this time.

Khalsa Aid were interviewed by Sky News to understand what happened on the ground:

Free food project in Nepal

Khalsa Aid has been providing free hot meals (Langar) to the victims of the Nepal earthquake. KA is the only organisation in Kathmandu providing hot nutritious vegetarian dishes and is working alongside the local army to distribute food effectively to all those that need it the most.

Since food distribution began it is estimated that over 90,000 hot meals have been provided to victims of the Nepal earthquake.

'The need for warm nutritious meals for the people of Nepal is great. Before our relief operations began people were receiving water and biscuits, which in our view wasn't a sustainable solution. Leveraging over 16 years of field experience we immediately setup food operations' Ravi Singh, CEO, Khalsa Aid

'Local Nepal communities have told us that the free hot meals provided by our teams have been extremely important for them. Our breakfast and dinner schedules have provided a degree of normality during these difficult times and has also created a sense of community where people can sit and enjoy hot meals together.' Bal Sandhu, General Secretary, Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid is currently working within international nutrition clusters with organisations such as UNICEF, Save the Children and World Vision to deliver coordinated and effective aid.

IRAQ: Khalsa Aid Bakes Bread for Refugees

Khalsa Aid is delighted to report that we have now established a bakery in the Pesh Harbour area, about 35 km from the Kurdish city of Duhok and 10 kms from the Syrian border.

Khalsa Aid, with the help of its generous donors, is paying for the machines and 4 staff members, 3 of which have been hired from the refugee camp itself. The estimated cost of the entire project including the machines and a minimum 6 month commitment for the running costs is USD 65,000. Read More

Kashmir Floods Relief 2014

Relentless rains and floods have ravaged the state of Jammu and Kashmir; the worst floods in the area for over a century. Initial newspaper reports suggest that over 200 people have died while more than 20,000 houses were damaged. As soon as news broke of the floods, Khalsa Aid launched an immediate relief programme. Read More

Relief mission to assist minorities fleeing ISIS

Khalsa Aid launches its relief mission to assist the fleeing minority communities including Yazidis being persecuted in Iraq. 10,000’s of individuals have been displaced in Iraq and are fleeing persecution because of their faith.

There is a humanitarian crisis unfolding for these communities, some of who are still trapped on the mount Sinjar.

Those that have fled and made it to relative safety are now without the basics such as food and water. Khalsa Aid will be working with local NGO’s in Erbil, Kurdistan. We will be working towards providing emergency aid in the form of clean drinking water, food items and shelter to those affected.

Khalsa Aid - Aid to Bosnia

Khalsa Aid despatched relief supplies to the Balkans as the area battles floods.

The relief effort, which includes thousands of sand bags to help with flood defences, is being led by Khalsa Aid with support from Somerset based Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG).

In the words of Khalsa Aid Chief Executive Ravi Singh who will be travelling to the area to assess the situation, We have been in touch with the Serbian Embassy in the UK to offer our support. Sandbags have already been collected to help defence levels. Khalsa Aid will be sending volunteers to Bosnia to assist with the emergency aid and clear up programme. Our prayers remain with those who have already lost loved ones, those who continue to suffer with flooding to their homes and the volunteers who risk their lives to offer help.

Khalsa Aid Praised by The British Prime Minister

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron praised the British Sikhs during his 2014 Vaisakhi message. In the charity sector, he praised Khalsa Aid (KA), and especially the efforts of KA during the recent floods in the UK.

After Prime Minister Tony Blair, who, in 2009 acknowledged KA as one of the "Humanitarian enterprises which bring relief to those who are suffering", David Cameron is the 2nd British Prime Minister to praise KA.

Khalsa Aid Volunteers Recognised by National Paper the Sun

Recent interview with the Sun - Filmed by VISIO Studios


Friday 14 February – Khalsa Aid send a special message of thank you to their lovely volunteers and all the organisations that are assisting the relief operations in Berkshire, Surrey and Somerset, UK.

Chief Executive Ravinder Singh from Khalsa Aid, said: “It would have not been possible without the support of our volunteers who are our unsung heroes.”

In Somerset, Khalsa Aid continues to work closely with Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG), who have been the heart of the community. FLAG have become the hub of all the flood defences.

Read More

If you would like to help Khalsa Aid please contact info@khalsaaid.org


12 February 2014 – Recent image of the damges locals are facing with the heavey rain floodings.

If you would like to help Khalsa Aid please contact info@khalsaaid.org


11 February 2014 – Khalsa Aid an international humanitarian aid charity has deployed and offered assistance to flood victims in Berkshire, UK.

Khalsa Aid attended a community action meeting and are actively helping residents. Khalsa Aid offered to deliver essential supplies to communities worst hit by the disaster. Tonight, the Sikh charity had members working in Wraysbury. Tomorrow, Khalsa Aid will deliver 10 tons of sand to Colnbrook and up to 40 tons to Datchet and Wraysbury.

Bal Kaur Sandhu of Khalsa Aid, who is coordinating the deployment in Berkshire said: “Khalsa Aid are spreading their wings to other parts of the country. We recognise we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with our communities and support them. We will be operating in Datchet, Colnbrook and Wraysbury. We are also appealing for volunteers to assist Khalsa Aid – hands on assistance is needed in all three areas”

Khalsa Aid was the first NGO to provide relief and hands on assistance to areas affected. Since Friday 8 February, Khalsa Aid has been assisting the Somerset region by distributing sand bags, water, antiseptic fluid and other essentials including several dry suits for other community members assisting.

On Monday 10 February, Khalsa Aid volunteers from Bedford, Walsall, Birmingham and Leicester, who recently returned from working in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, joined Chief Executive Ravi Singh to support the residents of Burrowbridge. The team also rescued animals including Alijanon, a 10 year old tortoise, who weighed 5 stones and is expected to live to over 100 years.

Ravinder Singh from Khalsa Aid, said: “Our volunteers are humbled by the immense support and messages of appreciation. Thank you so much for your love.”

“It is important that people listen to what the experts are saying and follow guidance. Lessons will need to be learned, however now isn’t the time to blame but work as one community – together we will be stronger.”

Khalsa Aid is committed to selfless seva (service) through humanitarian aid work. Drawing inspiration from Guru Gobind Singh Ji who taught to “recognise the entire human race as one” (Sikh principles).

Volunteers are deployed immediately wherever in the world humanitarian aid is needed, providing relief assistance to victims of disasters, wars, and other tragic events around the world. Most recently Khalsa Aid has been assisting in Philippines, Haiti and India. The UK registered charity established in 1999 and is an international non-profit aid and relief organisation

If you would like to help Khalsa Aid please contact info@khalsaaid.org

Khalsa Aid Helps UK Flood Victims

Video: Sky News


Khalsa Aid has offered to support the multi-agency relief effort to deliver essential supplies to communities worst hit by the disaster.

Ravinder Singh of Khalsa Aid said 'As British Sikhs we are not slow in responding with financial and other aid. We want to help reach out and offer much practical assistance to the victims. We will deliver bottled water, food, warm clothing – whatever is required to help and support the services and residents. Most of us have no concept of what it is like to have homes or businesses flooded out; everything covered in mud, or worse, and losing prize possessions and then have to clean up the mess and re-furnish'.

Khalsa Aid Philippines Relief

Khalsa Aid (KA) has 'adopted' a small town on the coast called San Dionisio, in the province of Iloilo. This town was badly hit by the Typhoon and over 90% locals have been affected. KA has set up a semi-permanent base in a nearby town and will use this to accommodate all the visiting volunteers. This has only been possible due to KA forming a working partnership with the local Rotary Clubs in the region. This partnership is already producing great results as KA has been able to source aid materials and skilled labour at a competitive price in the local market.

KA has commissioned a group of local carpenters to build new boats for the community so that they can get back on their feet and start earning a living. Initially 27 boats will be commissioned, this number could rise to 50 over the next 2 months. The KA team will also assist the locals with the clear up operation and supply building materials for the rebuilds and repairs to the damaged homes. This will be a 2-3 month long relief operation.

Khalsa Aid is grateful to Virgin Airlines for their very generous donation of 2 tickets for our volunteers to travel to the Philippines to set up the relief operations.

Water4Africa Program: Water Borehole Kenya

Khalsa Aid has initiated the Water4Africa program as famines are becoming more common due to droughts in the Horn of Africa. As, in 2011, Khalsa Aid worked very closely with the Sikh community of Kenya and delivered over 100 tons of food aid to the famine affected areas of north Kenya. Since then we have been working very closely with the Ramgharia Youth Association (RYA, Nairobi) to identify areas of severe drought for the installation of water pumps, which will benefit the communities and their livestock.

RYA and Khalsa Aid had identified a village in the Kajiado District for the installation of a much needed water pump. This water pump is for the residents of village Olo Shaki in the Kajiado District. The water pump will benefit over 1000 people and 2500 live stock . The digging of the borehole took a few days longer than expected because clean drinking water was found at 250 metres! The water pump is now fully functional and has changed the lives of many people.

Khalsa Aid Haiti Relief Continues...

Khalsa Aid Haiti relief continues! In August 2012, four new volunteers flew to Haiti to continue the aid program for the several orphanages which Khalsa Aid has been assisting since the deadly earthquake in January 2010. Then in September Dennis Darwent ( BAA employee ) and his son James also flew to Haiti to do the same. This father and son team managed to arrange an installation of a water pump in an orphanage which is located in a isolated area. Both of these teams also delivered over a ton of food to these orphanages. Khalsa Aid is very grateful to these wonderful people who took time out of their busy lives to serve humanity.

100 Tons of Food Aid

In 2011 Khalsa Aid worked very closely with the Sikh community of Kenya and delivered over 100 tons of food aid to the famine affected areas of north Kenya. Since then we have been working very closely with the Ramgharia Youth Association (RYA, Nairobi) to identify areas of severe drought for the installation of water pumps which will benefit the communities and their livestock.

RYA and Khalsa Aid have identified a village in the Kajiado District for the installation of a much needed water pump. The water pump will benefit over 1000 people and 2500 live stock, who presently have to transport water from 10km away. The cost of drilling, generator and the electric motor is approx (GBP) £16000-£17000, the depth of drilling will be in the region of 200m, hence the high cost. We hope you will continue to support such vital projects.

Crises in the Horn of Africa

The Vice President of Kenya praises Khalsa Aid and the Kenyan Sikh community for the 100 tons of food to the famine effected people of Africa. Please continue to support Khalsa Aid so that we can carry out such vital humanitarian work. Read More

The Horn of Africa is suffering from severe Drought. Upto 10m lives are at risk from starvation. Khalsa Aid is launching a major relief program to help the children in Ethiopia. We will be working with local organisations to assist with the feeding centres. We are asking all of you to get involved and reach out to the local Gurdwaras and start the fundraising but more importantly come forward and volunteer.

Message from Libya Camp

Refugees of the Libyan Conflict: Update

Khalsa Aid delivered 25,000 Litres of clean drinking water to the Choucha Refugee camp on Wed 6th April, and will continue to provide drinking (bottled) water to the most vulnerable and the young until the water filtration is installed at the camp.


This water pump has been installed in an orphanage in Leoganne, Haiti. This orphanage, New Vision has 38 children. Khalsa Aid has started work on installing water pumps in 3 more orphanages. This Water4Haiti program will be extended to other needy orphanages.

Haiti Orphans

The most shocking news from Haiti is the number of orphanages which are struggling to provide for the many orphans. Its also true that there are few individuals who are trying to take advantage of foreign aid organisations by setting up fake orphanages.

Khalsa Aid was very fortunate to have close links with the Canadian military who informed us about the fake 'Black Listed' orphanages.

PURE - Punjab Underprivileged Rural Empowerment

These children are sponsored by Khalsa Aid, they are encouraged to attend school and also Gurbani classes twice a week.The children come from very underprivileged backgrounds and areas of severe depravation.There is ever present threat of the children being lured into the dark world of drugs and amphetamines by individual dealers and various cults.

Khalsa Aid aims to engage whole families of these children in drugs awareness programmes as there is wide spread drugs and alcohol abuse in rural Panjab.There will be huge emphasis on providing stability within the family unit,which includes Khalsa Aid providing the family medical care.We are able to provide the children with education etc due to the generosty of the Sangat, so please continue to donate so that we may contiune to provide.

The choice is yours to make, support these children or see them become the next generation of illiterate drug addicts!!

Recognise all of the human race as one.

- Guru Gobind Singh Ji

We can think of the great humanitarian enterprises which bring relief to those who are suffering - the Red Cross, the Red Crescent or Islamic Relief, CAFOD and Christian Aid, Hindu Aid and SEWA International, World Jewish Relief and Khalsa Aid - all the charities which draw inspiration from the teachings of the different faiths.

- Tony Blair