Madagascar Famine Relief

Nov '21


Updates on This Project

Madagascar is in the midst of an emergency-level food crisis.

The country has regularly been the victim of natural disasters but, following years of harsh weather conditions, June 2021 brought the worst drought in 40 years. This has devastated the yield of crops in the Southern regions, subjecting 1.2 million people to food insecurity and 400,000 more are in a critical state of famine. The World Food Programme has reported that this is the first ever famine caused solely by climate change and the effects are catastrophic. The United Nations have disclosed that mud, insects, clay and ashes are all being consumed in desperation to relieve chronic hunger. Cases of acute malnutrition are severe and in abundance.

As of November 2021, we have established an operation for Madagascar Famine Relief. In association with Lion’s Club District 417 and The Food Bank of Madagascar, we are delivering vital assistance in the deep South of the country.

The initial stage of this relief action initiative will be to deliver essential food products to families throughout the South. We are distributing to more than 200 families per day, providing each with the resources to sustain them for at least 2 weeks. We are solely purchasing from local suppliers in a deliberate effort to support the local economy and farming trade. Both of these industries have suffered greatly at the hands of climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your donations which support this vital project.