Floods in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Sep '14


Updates on This Project

In the wake of heavy monsoon rain and flash floods in Jammu and Kashmir, which have killed over 400 people and destroyed thousands of homes. Indian Armed Forces were deployed in increasing numbers starting September 2, 2014 to conduct search, rescue and relief missions in Jammu and Kashmir.

By the 18th of September, over 200,000 people were rescued from the various parts of Jammu and Kashmir by the Armed forces. The Jammu and Kashmir floods, the worst in a century according to Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir.

Khalsa Aid’s Asia relief team initiated two projects, firstly to provide emergency relief materials and secondly to work with Government to rescue people stranded by the flooding.

The Khalsa Aid relief team supported the rescue of over 50 people stranded by the flooding and provided over 1,000 families with emergency relief items which included clean drinking water, food and sanitary items.