Congolese (DRC) Refugee Response

Jan '18


Updates on This Project

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is currently experiencing one of the world’s most underreported refugee emergencies. Khalsa Aid International first visited the region in January 2018, following reports of up to a million Congolese men, women and children fleeing their homes, seeking safety in neighbouring countries.

Photo credit Aron Klein

Khalsa Aid International initiated a series of relief efforts to assist refugees in this area in May 2018 this has included:

• Providing 3.2 tonnes of emergency food rations across four refugee camps.

• Funding the operation and maintenance of a water pump serving over 15,000 vulnerable refugees.

• Providing resources to support two refugee schools.

• Delivering vital walking aids to 28 physically challenged refugees.

• Working to assess and improve nutritional status in refugee children arriving in a reception centre.

Photo credit Aron Klein

Our work in DRC has been coordinated with the UN refugee agency, the World Food Programme, International Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement , the Zambian Red Cross, and Medecins Sans Frontieres. Khalsa Aid International has been able to respond to recognised needs immediately.

There are predicated to be further and larger refugee influxes in the coming months, Khalsa Aid international will endeavour to provide emergency, short term, food security where it is needed the most.