Syrian refugee emergency relief

Jan '17


Updates on This Project

Turkey is one of the largest refugee-hosting countries in the world, and its southern city of Adana is one of the many cities seeing a huge influx of refugees fleeing the war in Syria. In January 2017 Khalsa Aid International assessed the needs of these refugees living in unofficial camps scattered across the region.

Khalsa Aid international has been providing much needed assistance for over a year, in the following forms:

• Building clean water points in a number of Syrian refugee camps working with local landowners, due to a lack of clean water in the area. This has improved the level of sanitation and hygiene in the camps.

• Establishing a semi-permanent education facility for primary aged school children complete with resources.

• Facilitating prayer facilities for Muslim refugees, so they can continue practicing their faith. This also acted as a community hub for the Syrian refugees. Packing and distributing food aid packs for 200 refugee families each bag contained 3kg rice, 3kg bulgar, 1kg white beans, 1kg red lentils, 1kg sugar, 2kg flour, 2kg pasta and 2 litres cooking oil (monthly food ration for an average family).

• Providing medical assistance to the refugees

• Providing vital winter supplies, including shoes and 20 tonnes of firewood in each refugee camp area.

We are grateful to the support of our donors who have enabled this work to continue in Adana.