Albania – Providing Assistance to Displaced Victims of Civil War & Genocide

Apr '99


Updates on This Project

In April 1999, while Sikhs around the world were celebrating 300 years of the Khalsa Panth (Vaisakhi), a very bloody war in Kosovo was raging with thousands of innocent victims fleeing their homes for the safety of neighbouring countries.

At Vaisakhi celebrations in Slough, Berkshire an idea of reviving the Sikhi concept of sharing with the  less fortunate was reborn. The name Khalsa Aid was chosen as it represents the spirit of the Panth (Sikh Community). An appeal was launched to help the refugees of Kosovo who were in camps across the border in Albania.

The community (sangat) was very generous and kind in their response to the appeal. Within two weeks the appeal was successful and two trucks of aid was despatched for Kosovo.

The project was a monumental moment for the community as it was the first humanitarian project undertaken by Khalsa Aid and provided a mechanism for communities in the UK to support victims of natural disasters and civil conflicts all around the globe.