Water4Africa – Gambia

Jul '22


Updates on This Project

With an ever-changing climate and droughts becoming more frequent, access to clean drinking water is a growing problem for many communities in Africa. This is why we setup the Water4Africa project as we believe everyone should have access to safe and clean water.

We have been working in The Gambia to make this a reality for the local people. Chamkor Singh, a long time volunteer, alongside Amandeep Singh, our aid coordinator, returned to The Gambia to check on the progress of four water bore holes that are currently under construction.

It was a wonderful moment to see the villagers reactions when water broke for the first time, as the villagers were having to walk miles to get their water and the villages that were fortunate enough to have a water well, were having to drink water that is not safe to drink.

We have visited several more villages that need a clean water source and once we have completed our assessment, we will be installing more solar-powered water pumps, ensuring more villages are provided with safe drinking water.