Cambodia Orphan Children

Aug '09


Updates on This Project

In 2009, Varinder Singh, a dentist from Slough, won a £750 cash prize from work to offer voluntary dental services abroad. He chose to do this work in association with Cambodia World Family (CWF). This prize money was matched pound-for pound by Khalsa Aid with the funds used to provide vital equipment and resources for the clinic in Cambodia.

Cambodia World Family (CWF) is an NGO based in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. It provides free dental services for approximately ten-thousand orphans and vulnerable children from the many institutions around the city in a clean, caring and modern environment. Treatment for disabled and traumatised children who otherwise have no means of care is also provided. CWF aim to relieve the Institutions caring for these children of the financial burden associated with extensive dental treatment, in a clean modern environment the like of which is rare in the country.

A typical day for Varinder involved treating up to 25 children each morning, followed by afternoon visits to orphanages to reinforce oral hygiene and diet advice.

If any dentists are interested in helping with this project or indeed interested in working in Cambodia please get in contact with us here at Khalsa Aid.