Nepal earthquake 2015

Apr '15


Updates on This Project

In April 2015 a devastating earthquake hit Nepal killing over 8,000 people and injuring 21,000. Khalsa Aid dispatched an emergency relief team which were on the ground within 36 hours of the earthquake.

Khalsa Aid coordinated a number of projects including:

 1. Langar / Free food project: in the capital city, Kathmandu at the national army managed displacement camp which accommodated up to 12,000 victims of the earthquake. Khalsa Aid setup a kitchen which prepared fresh vegan meals daily (morning and evening) for the victims. Meals prepared by the team included warm soups, flat breads and vegetable dishes. The team worked closely with the Nepalese army to distribute these meals effectively to those that needed it the most. Up to 10,000 meals were provided on a daily basis.

 2. Temporary Shelters: The team built over 500 temporary shelters for families whose homes had been destroyed by the earthquake. Khalsa Aid utilised materials from the local area to support this project.

3.  Rubble clearance:  Khalsa Aid volunteers worked with the local Government to support rubble clearance activity over a two week period.

4. Aid: Khalsa Aid coordinated the delivery of over 10 tonnes of vital aid which included medical supplies and food items from the UK. In addition the team also worked collaboratively with the United Nations Nutrition Cluster and local medical facilities to effectively and responsibly distribute infant formula to families which urgently required this support.


Currently, Khalsa Aid are working with local organisations to assess plans to build a school in the area.