Restoring Electricity to Assyrian Orthodox Christians

Aug '17


Updates on This Project

Bartella is a small Assyrian Orthodox Christian town in Northern Iraq. This town was devastated by ISIS during their campaign of terror – which included slayings, abductions and destruction of infrastructure – for two years. After ISIS was expelled from the town In October 2016 a team from Khalsa Aid International travelled to Bartella to assist with the recovery.

A third of the town’s 3,000 residents were encouraged to return from nearby refugee camps. A local Assyrian community church which was retaken after being used as an ISIS training school. The church required electricity reconnection. The church is the hub of the community and restoring electric was a great morale boost for the community.

 Thanks to Khalsa Aid supporters, we were able to purchase a generator to the value of $15,000 for the church. 

 Throughout the mission, Khalsa Aid International worked closely with Father Jacob from the church. It was he who initially made a request for assistance, we were honoured to deliver a successful response.