Bosnia Floods

May '14

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Updates on This Project

Catastrophic flooding in the Balkans region (the worst for over a century) with over 3 months worth of rain falling in a few days led to the devastation of local towns and homes. Floodwaters caused over 2,000 landslides across the Balkan region, spreading damage across many towns and villages. Official counts indicate that over 1.6 million people were affected in Serbia and Bosnia, after a week of flooding.

Initially, Khalsa Aid donated 10,000 sandbags to the Bosnia & Serbian government. Most of the areas were hit by floodwater, so the priority was to build flood defences. As the days passed and the team made an assessment with local NGOs and government. It was found that a significant amount of resources were required to rebuild and renovate homes damaged by the flooding.

Relief teams from the UK travelled to Bosnia to repair several homes and completely rebuild a home in a small village.

The project lasted around 6 weeks with over 30 volunteers across the UK which included tradesmen and builders. Local communities, Government representatives and the UN personally thanked the relief team for their efforts in supporting families affected by the flooding.