Providing Bread to Syrian Refugees in Iraq

Jun '14


Updates on This Project

In the Summer of 2014, the rise of ISIS led the Yezidi and Assyrian communities to leave their homes and become refugees, becoming a very difficult situation for the people there. These communities became homeless overnight with no access to drinking water or food. Approximately 14,000 people were affected which includes men, women and children. 

Khalsa Aid relief teams were working in Lebanon during this time and made contact with local authorities and organisations to assess how support could be provided.  An initial program was started where 22 families were provided with sanitation facilities and clean drinking water. 

Upon a detailed assessment with local authorities and communities it was found that a significant refugee camp of 16,000 Yazidi refugees was located on the Iraq / Syria border. These refugees, persecuted by terrorist forces had no reliable source of nutrition.

Khalsa Aid immediately coordinated a project with local authorities and the Swedish Doctors Association. Khalsa Aid funded the establishment of an industrial scale bakery which would produce fresh loaves of bread, a staple in the traditional Yezidi diet.

We thank the local authorities in Iraq for their diligent support and their assistance with the entire project. We will always keep striving to help the people of Iraq & Syria in the best way we can.