Winter Camp Relief and Women’s Aid

Jan '17


Updates on This Project

Torbali is a farming district about 50km from Izmir. It is home to a number of informal refugee camps, housing some of the three million refugees who have fled war torn Syria. The conditions in these make shift camps are very challenging and families are struggling to meet their basic needs. Following an assessment of these camps on New Year’s Day 2017, Khalsa Aid International set up an emergency response.

We are proud to have set up the following activities, helping countless refugees to better endure the remainder of an incredibly harsh winter that brought severe rainfall and hardship:

– Buying and placing 1000 pallets to raise tents off and prevent flooding

– Providing tarpaulin sheets to prevent rainwater entering makeshift tents

– Giving firewood to meet significant needs for heating

– Distributing 500 sanitary kits for women in need

– Giving a month’s supply of nappies for babies and toddlers

– Working with a local charity to distribute winter food packs

Thanks to our supporters, we could serve the community with relief for three months of winter.

This was warmly welcomed as the refugee population is often forgotten and unaided, simply because they reside on private land, which is hard to access.