UK International Student Welfare Project

Our International Student Welfare Project will be providing knowledge, information and support so that those studying in the UK, and their dependents, will feel more integrated into the community and can access any help they require. International students provide valuable resources for companies and this project will aim to reduce any obstacles to their success.

Khalsa Aid International will facilitate a range of events aimed at covering the needs of International Students. Over recent times, we have received reports ranging from loneliness and lack of community to exploitation and grooming. We hope that by giving the students more information about life in the UK and enabling them to make connections with others in a similar position, they can avoid some of the difficulties others have faced.

We are finding that female students are at greater risk of loneliness and exploitation and therefore, in need of more support. For this reason, our first event will be a social gathering for female students so they can build a network within the community.

Following on from this we will have events across the UK, for all students, male and female, to provide information that will help the students with their day-to-day lives and their safety, as well as help them plan for the future. The speakers will come from a range of fields, such as police, lawyers, visa specialists, mental health experts and student services. The information they receive will enable the students to get the help they need from the correct places and reduce the risk of exploitation.

Each attendee must have an individual ticket. There is no charge for the tickets, but they are necessary for administration purposes.

Choose the event you wish to attend from the list below to book your ticket. We will be adding more events in locations around the UK soon so keep an eye on Khalsa Aid International’s social media for updates.

Please be aware that Khalsa Aid International will not be able to provide financial assistance but can give information to help find further help in the community.

For further information please email