Water4Africa Program: Water Borehole Kenya

Khalsa Aid has initiated the Water4Africa program as famines are becoming more common due to droughts in the Horn of Africa. As, in 2011, Khalsa Aid worked very closely with the Sikh community of Kenya and delivered over 100 tons of food aid to the famine affected areas of north Kenya. Since then we have been working very closely with the Ramgharia Youth Association (RYA, Nairobi) to identify areas of severe drought for the installation of water pumps, which will benefit the communities and their livestock. RYA and Khalsa Aid had identified a village in the Kajiado District for the installation of a much needed water pump. This water pump is for the residents of village Olo Shaki in the Kajiado District. The water pump will benefit over 1000 people and 2500 live stock . The digging of the borehole took a few days longer than expected because clean drinking water was found at 250 metres! The water pump is now fully functional and has changed the lives of many people.