Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

All the funds raised via this donation page will be used to assist the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquakes.

Your donation is going to a UK registered charity. For any overseas donations please check your local country guidelines to see if the donation is eligible for tax concessions.

Latest statement: Turkey Earthquake

Date: 17 February, 2023

Khalsa Aid International is mobilising a global response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Turkey. The disaster relief charity has been working in partnership with several organisations including local organisations to effectively deploy much needed operations and logistics.

Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid said: “We are all witnessing a humanitarian crisis and we all need to help in whatever way we can. Despite the 24 years of frontline aid work, I still struggle with my emotions in each disaster I witness on the ground.”

“Our hearts go out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this devastating earthquake and those who are displaced in freezing temperatures. We are committed to providing support and aid to those affected and will continue to work closely with local organisations to ensure that their needs are met.”

“We would like to say a huge thank you for the kind generous donations to date. However, there is much work to do to ensure as much as possible we reduce the impact on victims.”

Khalsa Aid volunteers have been working tirelessly behind the scenes coordinating support. The donations will help towards frontline response.

Over the last 10 days:

  • Mon 6 – Tues 7 Feb: First response from Khalsa Aid Iraq team who were dispatched on the ground in Turkey within 24 hours of the earthquake to carry out assessments and to deliver emergency support. The team travelled overnight by road from Iraq, arriving in Turkey on Tuesday afternoon. A truckload of 3,500 blankets accompanied the team for distribution as those who had lost their homes were now battling freezing conditions as the temperature remained very cold. The team also set up the initial hot meals service.

  • Wed 8 Feb – Mon 13 Feb: Khalsa Aid CEO Ravi Singh arrived in Turkey to support the operational aid efforts. Risk assessments are ongoing, and the focus remains on providing the most urgent aid. Over the last week experienced volunteers from the West Midlands and Yorkshire, UK are now deployed in Turkey. Thousands of blankets have now been delivered. Barzani Charity Foundation a non-profit NGO based in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq, has been supporting Khalsa Aid to set Langar (community kitchen) to those displaced in Urfa and Islahiye. Our teams are based in Sanliurfa (2000) and Islahiya (1000) with 3000 hot meals served everyday.

  • Tues 14 Feb: The President of Kurdistan Nechirvan Barzani thanked Khalsa Aid for the work in Turkey during a visit to the area. Two more truckloads of supplies arrived from Iraq yesterday night carrying large scale food supplies and 2,000 warm jackets for children and adults.

  • Wed 15 Feb: Female volunteers from Greater London and Poland are deployed to support the delivery of much needed female welfare and sanitary products.

  • Thurs 16 Feb: Our heartfelt thanks once again to British Airways for supporting Khalsa Aid to transport aid. The cargo allocated will be four tonnes of water survival boxes (200 boxes in total) which includes water purification equipment, shelter and survival tools, hygiene supplies and food/drink supplies. These have been donated for free by Watersurvivalbox Ltd.

  • Fri 17 Feb: Team from Canada and India despatched.

Thank you to Lotus Flower for their wonderful support and working with Khalsa Aid to pack nearly 2,000 more winter coats, jackets and socks for children impacted by the earthquakes. Sweets were placed in the pockets as a tiny surprise. Our thanks to both Sartaaj Foundation and Jeevans Gift Foundation (UK) for donating to our earthquake relief efforts.

Together – we can protect more people from the worst effects and get food and warmth supplies urgently to where they need to be.

For the latest updates, images and video footage visit Khalsa Aid International social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).