Transitioning of Khalsa Aid to Khalsa Aid International

Thank you to all our supporters and well-wishers for the continued support Khalsa Aid has had over the last 21 years, we look forward to growing stronger on an international platform over the coming years.

To facilitate the work of the charity across the globe and with the charity having operations and teams active in many parts of the world, Khalsa Aid (UK Charity no. 1080374) has been transitioning over to Khalsa Aid international (UK Charity no. 1163294) over the last few years.

This entails a great deal of consideration and legalities which are still being finalised. All assets and operations of Khalsa Aid have now been transferred to Khalsa Aid International, the charity Khalsa Aid is currently in the process of being closed.

All operations will continue as Khalsa Aid International.

For any queries related to this please email