Our Mt Snowdon hike took place on 24th of Jun, 2017 and what a great success it was! 

Up to 400 people across the UK aged from 10 to 75 years took on the challenge and have raised over £50,000, so far (donations are still coming in).

Fresh food was provided with hot tea by Langar Aid, our organisation that helps to feed homeless people in Coventry. There was more than enough to distribute it to other trekkers who were climbing Mt Snowdon that day too.

A huge well done, congratulations and thank you to all our climbers who took part. We hope you enjoyed the day with family, friends and made new friends along the way up. 

You’ve helped to raise a tremendous amount of money once again which will go towards…..

If you’d like to get involved again then we have our 5K run coming up on 13 August 2017 in Hyde Park.