Sikligar Sikhs Project

Khalsa Aid has taken on the commitment to rebuild the homes of 25 Sikligar Sikh families in the village of Anjad, district Burhanpur in Madya Pradesh.

We will also install water systems to provide fresh, clean water and help with funding for the childrens’ education.

Sikligars Sikhs were ‘lohars’ (ironsmiths / blacksmiths) who once specialised in the craft of making and polishing weapons. The term ‘Sikligar’ was bestowed upon this community by Guru Gobind Singh for whom they had skillfully turned Lohgarh (the Iron fort at Anandpur Sahib) into the Sikh Armory.

In medieval times, Sikligar Sikhs were in great demand for manufacturing spears, swords, shields and arrows. What the world knows as Damascus Steel, used in making some of the finest swords known to man, was manufactured by Sikligars and shipped globally.

However, with the advent of modern weapons and industrial technology the Sikligar Sikhs suffered economically. They are now a poor and impoverished people who also face social discrimination based on their “low caste”.

Our team in India identified the 25 families who need our help the most and have already started the work. We aim to have it all completed by March 2018.We need your help to raise £100,000 to cover the entire project – it will cost £3,500 to rebuild each of the 25 homes (£87,500 in total). The remaining funds will go towards the water bore hole to provide disease-free water to the community, as well as some contribution towards the kids’ education.

We urge you to donate what you can and help us rebuild the lives of a community who deserve a respectful place in society and a bright future for their future generations.

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