Planting Memories

Khalsa Aid international will be launching a new project in Iraq (KRG) to mark the 5th anniversary of the Yezidi genocide carried out at the hands of ISIS.

The project, named Planting Memories, combines the tragedy of the Yezidi genocide as well as bringing comfort, colour and nature into the IDP camps. A large proportion of the Yezidi community are still residing in these camps after being forcefully driven from their homes since 2014.

After a careful consultation with the local community, it was decided that the planting of trees in the camps would be a fitting way to honour those who lost their lives by ISIS.

Khalsa Aid will provide each family with their own tree to grow and nurture, which will not only be a symbol of hope, but will also play a vital role in raising awareness of global climate change.

On 15th August 2019, the first trees will be planted in one of the many IDP camps across the region. Khalsa Aid will endeavour to plant a tree until each family has their own tree.

Khalsa Aid has set a challenging target of planting a minimum of 5,000 trees within the first 3 months.

Please support this project by sponsoring a tree for £10 only.