Pakistan Floods

Thank you for all of your generous donations. As of 1st December 2022, we have now officially closed our Pakistan Floods Relief Appeal. To date, we have raised a total of £142,259.53 (1220 donations), which has been spent directly on emergency aid on the ground for those impacted by the floods. For updates on our continued work in Pakistan, please follow our social media channels.

Flash floods have displaced over 33 million people, leaving one-third of Pakistan underwater.

On Sunday 28th August 2022 an emergency was declared in Pakistan as severe monsoon flooding displaced around 33 million people while leaving 1,100 people dead. The UN has described the flooding as a ‘monsoon on steroids’ and initial reports indicate that approximately one third of the country is currently underwater.

Around one million homes have been damaged by the floods which have affected at least 110 districts across Pakistan. The Pakistani Prime Minister has described the floods as “probably the worst in the history of Pakistan”.

Khalsa Aid International has mobilised teams on the ground to carry out assessments of the needs of the victims of the floods. We have teams spread across numerous provinces who will be providing temporary accommodation, Langar (hot meals), medical supplies, sanitary items, and food packs.

We also have teams working around the clock with local and international suppliers to secure vital aid supplies. Please continue to follow our social media channels for live updates of the situation on the ground and how you can assist our relief efforts.