Official response to allegations made against the work of Khalsa Aid international

Khalsa Aid International is aware of allegations being made by select media outlets in India against our organisation. These allegations are unfounded, baseless and devoid of all credibility. Our organisation is based on the Sikh principles of “Sarbat da Bhala”, which is the concept of the wellbeing of all humanity.

We totally refute the allegations. Khalsa Aid International complies with the laws of every nation in which we operate.

Khalsa Aid International takes its obligations very seriously to maintain competent legal standing in order to operate, so that those in need receive humanitarian assistance – Khalsa Aid International’s single objective.

Sadly, in this instance, as with other such occurrences in the past, certain elements of the Indian media do not approach us for comment but merely use their platforms to generate false attacks against our organisation and the charitable work that it carries out.

Our humanitarian projects are extremely important to us. We will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to all communities requiring our assistance. Khalsa Aid International demands that these media outlets retract their baseless claims and cease and desist from spreading further disinformation.

Khalsa Aid International reserves all rights and remedies against any media agencies that continue to spread false and misleading claims.