Khalsa Aid’s Langar Aid project continues to provide essential aid relief.

In the past year, the UK has seen an unprecedented rise in living costs that have left many unable to afford to pay for daily necessities. According to the Office for National Statistics, 94% of adults in Great Britain reported an increase in their cost of living from January-February 2023.1 From this low-income households were reported to spend a larger proportion than average on energy and food, so were more affected by price increases.

Many food bank charities have also seen an increase in demand; the Trussell Trust reported that in April-September 2022 they provided almost 1.3 million emergency food parcels – an increase of more than 50% compared to pre-pandemic levels.2

Khalsa Aid’s outreach program, Langar Aid, is a long-term relief project providing aid to the homeless, vulnerable, and those facing poverty in the UK. Our team, based in Coventry, has been helping tackle the cost-of-living crisis with more families and individuals reaching out to Langar Aid for support.

Currently, our Langar Aid volunteers serve hot meals 6 days a week. In addition, the teams deliver 300 large food parcels to local schools, community groups, and Ukrainian refugees. Over 18,000 meals are distributed from Langar Aid House across the West Midlands on a weekly basis, preventing hundreds of families from going hungry.

“The Cost of Living Crisis has plunged people into a situation where they have to choose between paying the bills or eating. This is even more devastating when you realise young children are going hungry because of this. We’ve had lots of people tell us that Langar Aid has become a lifeline in the community because people now have access to at least one hot meal a day.” – Avtar Kaur, Langar Aid Project Manager.

Langar Aid’s extraordinary efforts were showcased in a short film, “Feeding Humanity One Meal at a Time.” The team’s inspiring work was recognised when they won the People’s Choice Award at the Charity Film Awards on 21 st March 2023. The film highlights the struggles of the homeless and those facing food insecurity in the UK. The film also highlights the selfless acts of kindness and generosity by Langar Aid volunteers who are determined to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Charity Film Awards is an annual event that recognises and rewards outstanding contributions to charity filmmaking. Being a winner in the awards demonstrates Langar Aid’s impact on the lives of those we serve and the importance of telling their story.

“We are thrilled to have our short documentary recognised by The Smiley Charity Film Awards,” said Ravinder Singh, the CEO of Khalsa Aid. “This film is a testament to the tireless efforts of our volunteers and the critical role they play in supporting those in need. We hope it will inspire others to participate and make a difference in their communities.”

Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support of Khalsa Aid. If you want to learn more about Langar Aid, click here.