Khalsa Aid International and The Felix Project are in partnership to fight the growing hunger crisis in London

Khalsa Aid International (the largest UK Sikh humanitarian agency) has formed a partnership with The Felix Project to fight hunger in London. The donation to date has been used to buy 56 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, equivalent to 135,275 meals, for 256 charities and schools, serving people in need across 28 boroughs.

The news comes as The Felix Project (London’s largest food redistribution charity), faces challenges to obtaining surplus food supply due to ongoing UK-wide haulier issues.

Richard Smith, Supply Manager at The Felix Project, says: “We are currently facing some challenges with hauliers due to Brexit and lockdown, so being able to fill gaps in our surplus supply is invaluable to our operation and the Londoners we serve. With this donation from Khalsa Aid, we bought apples, oranges, pears, grapes, onions and carrots. Donations like this empower us to supply a constant and consistent level of food for Londoners in need.”

Ravi Singh, Founder and CEO of Khalsa Aid International, says:- “Khalsa Aid International is proud to do what we can to help feed London’s hungry, where there is clearly a huge and growing need for our support. We visited The Felix Project’s depot in West London and saw first-hand the quality of the food we supplied. We are delighted with the partnership we have formed with The Felix Project to help feed the homeless, the vulnerable and the isolated in local communities. Feeding people nutritious food is at the core of Khalsa Aid’s work, in line with the Sikh philosophy of ‘seva’ (meaning selfless service to humanity). This is a natural extension to Khalsa Aid’s Langar Aid project based in Coventry (which has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service). By forming the partnership with The Felix Project, Khalsa Aid has extended its reach in feeding the hungry from The Midlands to London. I envisage this is just the start of a long partnership to help feed London’s hungry.”

Ian Breen, from local charity Acton Homeless Concern, says: “It was brilliant to get so much quality fruit and veg in our recent delivery from Felix/Khalsa Aid. Fresh food is really important for our clients, who struggle to find that kind of nutrition elsewhere. We are really grateful to The Felix Project and Khalsa Aid International”.

The Felix Project

The Felix Project is London’s largest food redistribution charity. We rescue good food that cannot be sold and deliver it direct to charities and schools serving people in need. Our vision is a London where no one goes hungry and good food is never wasted. We are on a mission to deliver 38 million meals this year. For more information, visit: