Khalsa Aid in Nepal Updated

Khalsa Aid has been on the ground supporting victims of the Nepal earthquake since the 25th of April. Relief efforts were immediately coordinated with international NGOs, the military and local communities to ensure humanitarian aid is provided effectively. Khalsa Aid is currently working within the international nutrition cluster to ensure a coordinated and effective approach in disaster response management. Currently Khalsa Aid is providing the following: ?The only organisation in Kathmandu providing free hot meals to victims of the Nepal earthquake. We are working alongside the Nepalese and French army to provide up to 16,000 meals a day. Construction of temporary shelter for over 250 families. Provision of 10 tonnes of vital supplies for the victims of the earthquake. Installation of clean water tanks. Coordination of medical camps. Assistance with rubble clearance. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated, our supporters, the KA emergency response team and local organisations who have come together to support the people of Nepal.