Jalandhar families lose their homes

Khalsa Aid volunteers are on the ground in Jalandhar, Punjab (India) providing emergency food, shelter and warm clothing to at least 50 families who have sadly had their homes demolished.

On Sunday 9th December 2022, following a court ruling, the houses of families who had been settled in the Latifpura area since the partition of India in 1947 were made homeless. Unfortunately, the local government and agencies had failed to provide any alternative accommodation or other arrangements for these families before the demolition. The Latifpura area developed into a site similar to a refugee camp, with young children and the elderly left to stand in the harsh winter conditions without their belongings and no washroom facilities.

After hearing these heartbreaking reports, our volunteers from Khalsa Aid India attended the site with vital supplies such as warm clothing, tents, mattresses, temporary washrooms and langar (hot meals) and will continue providing assistance until alternative accommodation is identified for the families.

These families after suffering the horrors of the partition in 1947, were never allocated any land and settled in Latifpura. Now 75 years later, their future generations have been made homeless. We have written to the Chief Minister of Punjab to express our grave concerns and hope this issue can be resolved immediately. All of our thoughts and prayers are with the families in Latifpura.