Forecast 2020-2021

Khalsa Aid International’s global operations continue to grow with expansion forecast into several more countries and regions. Our projects will continue to evolve, with new sustainability and development projects complementing our existing and growing core emergency aid operations.

With this scaling has come the need to recruit more specialist staff and seek larger offices in the UK. This year (2020) we successfully purchased a small office building which will provide the necessary space for Khalsa Aid to expand its humanitarian relief and development across the globe.

Our immediate focus over 2020-2021 will be to strengthen our existing partnerships and launch many more sustainable projects across Africa & Asia. This includes focusing on clean water campaigns, food security, sanitation and health programs. Increased funding will allow us to develop regional offices in these continents.

To mark 21 years since Khalsa Aid started, we are pleased to announce our health program for the communities in rural Panjab (India), which includes creating several Well Woman health clinics. These clinics will be initially launched in the most economically deprived areas of the state. Says Ravi Singh, CEO ‘Development in Panjab has always been crucial to Khalsa Aid. Our work on the ground assisting those impacted by the floods of 2019 will grow and develop further over the coming years, funds raised for this work are ring-fenced and will only be utilised to assist the flood effected areas.

Substantial funding has been set aside for this project, and in conjunction with our India team, we look forward to expanding our operations. Our commitment to our on-going educational and welfare projects in Panjab and other parts of India will remain steadfast.

We are grateful to all our donors for their wonderful support. Khalsa Aid is truly moving into its next phase, with a global footprint, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week operation, and this would not be possible without our donors and supporters.