Floods, Jammu & Kashmir

Relentless rains and floods have ravaged the state of Jammu and Kashmir; the worst floods in the area for over a century. Initial newspaper reports suggest that over 200 people have died while more than 20,000 houses were damaged. As soon as news broke of the floods, Khalsa Aid launched an immediate relief programme. A meeting was held with the Jammu & Kashmir Sikh Professionals (JKSP) to assess and deliberate the most efficient way of providing aid. Their local knowledge has proven paramount to the relief work. We have also teamed up with Akaal Network (Delhi) and Voice of the Voiceless (Delhi) to help the scores of people currently stranded in their homes. Together with the above mentioned organizations, Khalsa Aid has set up relief centres across Jammu & Kashmir where victims have access to food, temporary shelter and further information on how best to deal with the situation. The point of contact is Gagandeep Singh who is available on helpline number is 09419113668. In addition to the relief centers, Khalsa Aid volunteers have also prepared packages of food which are being flown out by the Indian Air Force. On Tuesday 9th September Khalsa Aid delivered 10,000 food parcels that were delivered to the victims. Furthermore, where possible Khalsa Aid volunteers are hand delivering food aid, blankets, diapers, baby food, cereal, medicines, socks, water bottles, energy drinks, chlorine for water purification and sanitary requirements. These items are being delivered directly to the homes where people are unable to leave due to the water levels being above waist height. Khalsa Aid has vast experience in dealing with such disasters has this has been utilized to full affect in Jammu & Kashmir. The MD for Khalsa Aid (India) is leading the coordination and is providing regular update on the relief work. Khalsa Aid is grateful to its team of volunteers and the local organizations that have joined us in trying to help the victims of the Jammu & Kashmir floods. We depend on the generosity of the community for our humanitarian work. Thank you for your continued support.