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Zambia: Congolese Refugees Emergency Relief 10,000s of refugees have crossed into Zambia from Congo. These refugees are fleeing armed conflict are in need of urgent aid. Khalsa Aid International has set up food support program for the 1000s of refugees. We are working closely with the Red Cross, WFP, Lions Club, Lusaka Sikh Association and others to coordinate emergency food supplies. Your support is vital ! Please donate generously. To DONATE :
The world must continue to support the #Yezidi community. Please support the work of Khalsa Aid International.…
Our team in #Zambia who are coordinating emergency food supplies for the refugees from #Congo ! We are part of a mu…
RT @I_n_d_y_N: Selfless service by the @LangarAid South team, a project by @Khalsa_Aid . Last Sunday, we colloborated with @BrettCommunity…
RT @bhangraMuffin: The situation in Zambia is horrendous, there is a serious lack of media coverage to highlight the scale of this humanita…
Want to become a Langar Aid volunteer in England ? Please register for the Volunteer Orientation Day this Saturday in Coventry.
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Tackling Hunger in Africa: Our Team Meet our team in Zambia who are working closely with major global organisations to provide vital food supplies to the refugees from Congo. Khalsa Aid International is expanding its relief operations in Zambia. We are grateful to Harcharan Singh Virdy & his family for the wonderful assistance. Your support is vital. To DONATE:

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Focus Punjab is our long term programme in Punjab, India focusing on providing long term support in the region.

Langar Aid is our dedicated initiative to provide emergency food & water supplies in disaster & war zones.