Donate Online via Donorbox

We recommend Donorbox for all donations under $1,000

Donate using Zelle e-Transfer

Please use Zelle for all donations over $1,000

Zelle eTransfer is a simple, convenient and secure way to send a donation directly from your bank account to Khalsa Aid USA.

Send money directly to the our Khalsa Aid USA bank account right from yours with no fees using Zelle.
After you've enrolled in Zelle, simply add your recipient's email address as, the amount you'd like to donate, review and hit “Confirm”

To request a receipt please email us at with a screenshot/confirmation of your donation listing your name, date of donation and total amount.

Read more about Zelle.

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Our long term programmes

Focus Punjab is our long term programme in Punjab, India focusing on providing long term support in the region.

Langar Aid is our dedicated initiative to provide emergency food & water supplies in disaster & war zones.