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This is what we do !! We provide support in places where most relief organisations haven't reached ! These are make shift Syrian refugee camps in Turkey. Khalsa Aid has installed water systems as well as provided several tonnes of food. To Donate pls click on the following link:
RT @1wayticket2hell: Prisoner says ISIS forced her to torture other women for not wearing the veil @Khalsa_Aid @Rav…
We serve humanity regardless of race, religion or colour ...... During the European refugee crises in 2015 our volunteers ( Inc Trustee Indy Singh, in the pic ) were providing food & other essentials. Our projects continue in Iraq, Malawi, Haiti, Lebanon, Panjab, Turkey ..... Your support is vital. To DONATE please click on the following link:
RT @NorthSn: #MothersDay Honouring these amazing ladies who have been persecuted by #ISIS Last day to see this powerful exhibition #IamYezi…
Our heartfelt thanks to the Sangat who visited our stalls at the Annual Samagam Gurdwara Gurshabad Parkash,Sohana, Mohali & Delhi Fateh Diwas, Red Fort,Delhi. Special thanks to the organisers for inviting us to set up stalls and the wonderful volunteers who helped at the stalls. Thank you Donate/Support:
Our projects .... Your support. Set up Monthly Direct Debit or one off Donation please click on the following link: Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻
8000 hot meals were served by Khalsa Aid Volunteers in Nepal after the earthquake in 2015. This was a huge relief operation which was coordinated by our Director Amarpreet Singh. Wonderful Seva by our heroic volunteers. #nepalearthquake #Nepal #Seva #Langar #KhalsaAid #SarbatDaBhalla #kathmandu #Aid ##food
RT @EternalTaal: Appreciation post by the amazing @Ravisinghka of @Khalsa_Aid ❤
Our volunteers are .......human !! They serve humanity regardless of race or religion. "Recognise The Whole Human Race As One." Guru Gobind Singh Ji. #Volunteers #Heroes #KhalsaAid #Humanity #OneLove #Refugees #Syria #Sikh #Seva
We might not speak the language but we do understand humanity ! #refugeeswelcome #SyrianRefugees #KhalsaAid #SarbatDaBhalla #Humanity #Seva #Greece #unwomen #WeAreOne
RT @EasterJones: @ImKarlLucas Thank you so much Karl. This charity @Khalsa_Aid and the Yezidi women they support need people like us to spr…
Mandeep Singh Bahra (UK) climbed Mount Toubkal for Khalsa Aid last month and has so far raised £1115.13 ! Absolutely fantastic !! Mount Toubkal is a mountain peak in south west Morrocco in Toubkal National Park. At 4,167 metres (13,671ft) it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. We are humbled by such wonderful support Thank you Mandeep ! You can still donate to Mandeep's fundraising page by clicking on the following link: #KhalsaAid #Fundraising #Volunteers #mounttoubkal #singhstyle
RT @sukh_ss: With @Khalsa_Aid at amazing #wearerefugees event by @syracuselondon this evening. Heard first hand accounts and discussed how…

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Our long term programmes

Focus Punjab is our long term programme in Punjab, India focusing on providing long term support in the region.

Langar Aid is our dedicated initiative to provide emergency food & water supplies in disaster & war zones.