Current Mission

Haiti Earthquake

Following the recent earthquake in Haiti thousands of families have been left homeless and up to 200,000 people have lost their lives. As has been reported in the media international aid agencies are struggling to provide the emergency relief needed to ease the suffering of these people. Khalsa Aid has teamed up with United Haitians in the UK (UHUK). This organisation is coordinating relief efforts here in the UK and will be sending essentials to Haiti.

"I can not thank you enough for your support."

Carole Attis
United Haitians United Kingdom

Khalsa Aid will be working to support this organisations work. At present the priority is to collect dry foods such as pasta and Rice along with sleeping bags, collections of these items will be carried out across the UK and an appeal goes out to all the Sikh community to support these collections. Khalsa Aid will coordinate the collection and transport of these items to Haiti with UHUK. (

We appeal to everyone to work together to help ease the suffering of our fellow human beings that have been so tragically hit by this disaster.

Camp Unity - Haiti

Khalsa Aid decided that other international professional volunteers needed to be facilitated with a safe and clean environment for them to work from.

Khalsa Aid acquired an old disused clothes factory in the beginning of February, to establish Camp Unity for International NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) to assist the 200,000.00 people of Leogane, Haiti.

Relief Programme for Haiti Continues

The relief program of Khalsa Aid in Haiti continues with another team reaching Haiti from the UK on Thursday 18th March, to expand and develop relief operations launched in January. The team consists of the CEO of Khalsa Aid, Ravinder Singh (second visit) and Parmjit Singh from Watford. Ravinder Singh has been in constant contact with Khalsa Aid USA who will be providing further relief materials via Dominican Republic, Khalsa Aid UK will coordinate the distribution of the relief materials in Haiti.

Relief Programme for Haiti

Khalsa Aid will be providing clean water to the thousands of survivors in these neglected areas. In the short term, Khalsa Aid is looking to provide safe drinking water through the use of tankers across the small villages and towns. Longer term, Khalsa Aid has determined that there is local knowledge of digging tube-wells to extract water from 90ft deep though many villagers have stated that the water is not clean enough and need a filtration system. This is similar to the work Khalsa Aid completed in Barisal, Bangladesh where water was delivered twice daily in which time natural water filtration systems were built.

Guru Nanak Medical Clinic

The Doctors that are treating patients in these clinics are all working on a volunteer basis, alongside local Drs in Haiti. A great deal of the medications and medical equipment such as crutches etc is being flown in free by Air Canada in conjunction with the Canadian charity 1x1. We thank all the agencies involved in making this work possible.

Our volunteer medical team in Leogane is camping in tents next to a former T-shirt factory, one of the few remaining buildings still standing. We're partnering with Khalsa Aid, which is generously providing space, water and other support and is sending its own medical teams throughout the area...

Bas Vanderzalm
Medical Teams International
Leogane, Haiti.

Haiti Appeal Supporters

Khalsa Aid is very thankful to the Sangat for their support.

Click here to the the list of a few of the Haiti Appeal Supporters.

Recognise all of the human race as one.

- Guru Gobind Singh Ji